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Claire Shouksmith

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I have worked as a nanny, maternity nurse, sleep consultant and troubleshooter for the past 18 years. I’ve worked with singletons, twins, triplets and special needs. I love helping families and I am continually contacted by people wanting support. However there is only one of me, and that is why I decided to join Night Nannies. I want to create a team of Night Nannies who are equal to my high professional standards.

When I am not caring for babies and young children you will find me up a high altitude mountain, messing around in a boat or dreaming up my next expedition. The bigger the challenge the better.

Call Claire on 0773 9808096


Single Baby

from £130

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night


from £150

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night


Sleep Trainers

from £150

Per night (9pm- 7am)Agency fee £15 per night

Sleep Trainers Twins


Per night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night


From £75

for 2-3 hoursAgency fee £50

Maternity Nursing

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