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I joined the Night Nannies team in 2007 after a long career in childcare. I was a nanny for over 20 years, having been a Maternity Nanny and a Night Nanny in that time too. When I had my twins in 2010, I “retired” from Nannying to concentrate on bringing up my family and running Night Nannies.

After having children myself, I feel I can understand how a new baby/babies can bring frustration as well as joy to the family and appreciate that the advice and support a Night Nanny can provide will help to create a happy environment for both parents and baby!

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Single Baby


Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night



Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night


From £150

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night

Sleep Trainers


Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £15 per night

Sleep Trainers Twins

Maternity Nursing

Phone Consultation

From £75

For 2-3 hoursAgency fee £50

More Information

Night Nannies are self-employed and liable for their own tax and National Insurance. The client is asked to reimburse the Night Nanny for all expenses attributable to the interview upon presentation of receipts.

The Agency charges a one off £150 introduction fee (£75 for fewer than 5 nights and £50 for a consultation). This entitles each client to a Night Nanny for as many times a week as is required for a period of up to six months; after this your baby is likely to have established a good sleep pattern. If the Night Nanny is required for longer, then an additional fee will be charged. The agency fee will be payable in advance upon booking your Night Nanny.
For each night the Night Nanny works the agency will charge £15, payable at the end of every month.

Suitable from birth to 6 months, your Night Nanny will work from 9pm to 7am, although these hours are flexible upon discussion with your Night Nanny.

For babies over six months old, who are on solids and otherwise healthy but still experiencing disrupted sleep, a Sleep Consultant will come to teach your baby to sleep better using gentle, consistent methods; generally this happens in 5 consecutive nights

Including sleep, feeding and behavioural issues, your Night Nanny will come for a consultation to get a good idea of the situation. She can then develop a plan of action, which you can implement yourself, or it will form the basis of the work she can undertake at a future date. There is a £15 charge per follow-up call.

A Maternity Nurse will come to your home and stay 24 hours a day for up to 6 days a week. She will develop a 24 hour routine for your baby focusing on effective feeding and sleeping patterns and ensuring that your new baby settles easily into your family.

  • In the event that the Client wishes or needs to cancel the booking prior to commencement due to extenuating circumstances, the Agency reserves the right to retain 50% of the fee for work incurred.
  • Good Friday/ Easter Day/ Christmas Day/ Christmas Night/ Boxing Day/ New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day/ Bank Holidays – your Night Nanny will ask for double pay.
  • 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel your Night Nanny, or payment in lie (please refer to General Terms & Conditions for more details on cancellation charges).
  • Your Maternity Nurse will ask for one week’s pay in advance to secure her services.