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I am a mother of two children – Amelia and Alexander. In my twenties, I worked at the BBC for eight years as a television news reporter on Breakfast News and then a presenter on BBC News 24 and a reporter on the current affairs programme, Here and Now. I tried to carry on working at the BBC when my daughter was born, but I really struggled trying to hold down a tough job which and looking after my daughter. When my son came along soon after – they gave me the idea to set up Night Nannies.

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Call Anastasia on 020 7731 6168

Single Baby - from £160 per night.

Twins £210 per night

Sleep Trainers

from £300

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £160 plus VAT per week

Maternity Nursing

Supernanny (Daytime)

Telephone Consultation

Breast Feeding Consultation


For minimum 2 hoursAgency fee £50 plus VAT

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Call Anastasia on 020 7731 6168