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Laura Pimpin
Our sleep trainer exceeded all expectations with her professionalism, and genuine care for our family. From the moment she arrived, she put us at ease with her expertise in child care and sleep training, but also calm and compassionate nature. She guided us through implementing a gentle yet effective day and evening routine for our baby. Thanks to her invaluable support, our son is now sleeping through the night(!), when he used to have to sleep in our bed and woke up 4 times a night - so we couldn't be happier. What truly impressed us was her dedication to our family's well-being. She followed up with us during the day to ensure the routine was implemented smoothly and provided practical advice and encouragement. She even reached out after the five nights to see how our baby was doing, which was incredibly helpful. Above all she demonstrated a genuine love and affection for our son, treating him with the same care and tenderness as if he were her own. I would highly recommend Night Nannies service to anyone who needs them. - 08/04/2024
Laura Pimpin
Very reliable service providing a… Very reliable service providing a professional and compassionate (and importantly effective) sleep trainer! - 05/04/2024
Justin Sprague
As a father trying to navigate the sleepless nights with our newborn, finding the right help was a top priority for our family. Night Nannies came to our rescue in ways we couldn't have imagined. From the outset, Night Nannies brought a sense of calm and expertise into our home. Their professionalism and genuine care for our baby's well-being were evident from the start. Thanks to Night Nannies' dedication and guidance, our baby now sleeps through the night consistently, allowing my partner and me to get the rest we desperately need. It's hard to put into words just how much of a difference this has made in our lives. We are incredibly grateful to Night Nannies for their exceptional service and unwavering support. If you're a parent in need of some much-needed rest and expert care for your little one, Night Nannies is the agency to turn to. Trust me, they're worth their weight in gold! - 04/03/2024
Margarita is the best sleep trainer, is truly amazing! She is so kind and calm . Her expertise and guidance have made a significant difference in my baby boy sleep routine. He couldn’t sleep well during the night and he was walking up every 2 hours but now completely changed . I appreciate her tailored approach and effective strategies. Highly recommended!❤️❤️❤️ - 19/02/2024
Anna Grafitti
Terrific service we had a great nanny… Terrific service we had a great nanny who changed our lives! - 11/12/2023
Daniele Oliveira
The nanny who worked with us is absolutely wonderful. She really cares about the babies and loves what she does. She is very calm as well which is very important dealing with a newborn and first time parents. She is confident, has knowledge and establish a beautiful connection with the baby. We loved the fact that she talks to the baby very often and properly interacts during the whole day. - 30/11/2023
Daniele Oliveira
I highly recommend night nannies. I highly recommend night nannies. - 29/11/2023
katie price
Great service Night Nannies provided us with a brilliant night nanny to give us an extra hand with our first baby! Will certainly use them again if we have a second! Really recommend working with them! - 28/11/2023
Rebecca Chambers
Wow, I can not begin to express how thankful and grateful I am to our Maternity Nurse and the amazing start she gave our family. She met us at home when we were released from hospital, and as a first time mum I was understandably nervous and very tired - our maternity nurse immediately put me at ease and from that moment on created a peaceful, calm and safe space. I originally booked her for 2 weeks but by day 5 I had decided to extend to 4 weeks. Throughout the stay I had many comments from friends and family about how peaceful my son was and how they couldn’t believe that we were newborn parents as we all looked so relaxed. Every aspect of the stay was perfect - from learning how to become a ‘mum’, getting help with understanding babies cues, having someone to ask ALL the questions to and not having to rely on DR Google, keeping your sanity due to being able to get sleep, and just feeling like you have a really good friend in your home. Not only was she great with my son , she was amazing with me too - and I will look back very fondly of our nightly chats over dinner for years to come. It really was the most special four weeks. Our maternity nurse has been gone a week now - and I am so thankful for everything she did for us. Our son ( fingers crossed) is a great sleeper , a great feeder , he’s relaxed, happy and very content. I’ve recommended my maternity nurse to everyone I know and shouted about her from every rooftop . If I am lucky enough to have another baby, she will be my first phone call. Thank you for everything ❤️ - 11/11/2023
Will Ot
Our 10-month-old baby has never been a good sleeper, waking up 2 to 4 times a night and needing to fall asleep in our arms. Nap time was a constant struggle, with him barely sleeping for 30 minutes at a time. Frustrated and sleep-deprived, we decided to seek help from a sleep trainer, and luckily, we found Night Nannies. The night before the sleep trainer's arrival, my wife was filled with anxiety and even considered cancelling. However, her presence immediately put us at ease, exuding professionalism and confidence. After just two nights of guidance, we began to witness a remarkable transformation. Today, our baby sleeps soundly from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.! We diligently follow the routine that was recommended, and it's been a game-changer for us. But the sleep trainer's expertise goes beyond fixing sleep schedules. She provided valuable advice on our baby's feeding and activities. Her extensive experience with infants shines through in her thoughtful recommendations. We wholeheartedly recommend her services to any parents facing sleep challenges with their little ones. Night Nannies has truly been a lifesaver for our family. - 20/10/2023
Sophie Slowe
Night Nannies came to our rescue and at very short notice and sent us someone wonderful. We are so grateful for the nights that their Night Nanny took care of our one month old baby. She was kind and gentle in nature and incredibly experienced. We were able to get some much needed sleep, knowing our baby girl was being beautifully taken care of. She also gave us valuable advice and reassurance, helping us navigate those early weeks of parenthood. We would absolutely recommend Night Nannies and their team. - 06/10/2023
frances maclellan
Full nights sleep with a newborn! Night Nannies helped us find our fantastic Night Nanny and get some full nights of sleep in those bleary early newborn days. So grateful, definitely recommend! - 06/10/2023
Lucy Bowes
“Mary Poppins exists” “Mary Poppins exists and lived in our nanny from night nannies “ Our nanny came to us when our daughter was 12 days old, she was wonderful from the moment she walked into our home. As first time parents she answered all our (most likely daft) questions, guided us expertly and made suggestions that ultimately resulted in us having a very happy and content baby. The team in the office have also been wonderful understand our nanny needs and assigning us a suitable nanny, doing the hard work so we didn’t have to worry. - 09/09/2023
Patricia Martinez
Troubleshooters Whatever baby issue you want to overcome, search no more! Ive used them with both my kids and it’s VERY SUCCESSFUL! This is priceless! - 22/08/2023
Hannah Cusworth
Our nanny has been brilliant Our nanny has been brilliant. She’s been coming to us once or twice a week for a couple of months now since our baby was a month old and has helped us through a very tough time. We’ve loved how trustworthy and non judgemental she is. She immediately put us at ease and is really responsive to our preferences. Her care is excellent and I think has really helped our baby get into some good sleep habits such as settling in the SNOO. Occasionally transport issues has meant that she’s been delayed but most weeks she arrives early and has been incredibly reliable. I would recommend her to anyone. The agency has also been great, very efficient and found us a great cover nanny very quickly when our usual nanny couldn’t be with us because of a family emergency. - 20/08/2023