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Amazing night nanny Our night nanny was absolutely incredible. We quite possibly could not have got though those first few months without her. She is the most calm, kind and reassuring presence to have around. We trusted her implicitly and out daughter adored her from the first day they met. She would come in at 9pm like an oasis of calm and it meant I could relax and get some sleep for those blissful hours we had her. Those early weeks of motherhood are so hard but she made them feel so much easier to have her supporting us though them. They are also full of so much unsolicited advice which she never ever did. She would be a fountain of amazing knowledge and experience if you asked her but would also empower and reassure you to make decisions and suggest how you might want to do things. We couldn’t recommend her more highly. I only wish she never had to leave! - 05/07/2021


Night Nannies Margarita was so lovely and helpful. I can highly recommend her. I was amazed at how quickly Autumn started sleeping better. Margarita really helped get Autumn sleeping through the night again and had so much advice on changing her routine to one nap and feeding, etc. I could ask her any question and she was able to give me great advice. - 25/06/2021


Positive experience We had a great experience with Night Nannies from start to finish. They were always so friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend them. - 23/06/2021

Rose Hutchinson

Highly recommend Night Nannies has come to my rescue several over the last couple of years - always responsive and efficient at finding great maternity nurses and night nannies, often the same day. Would highly recommend. - 19/06/2021


Genuine advice to clients Contacted nightnannies needing a night nanny help for one for our 8 months old daughter who was waking up every two hours, and we just need a break for a week. They recommended against using a nightnanny at this age and instead try to establish a better routine. Indeed trying harder to have a routine with her helped us and the baby so much and let her have full night sleeps. They basically lost a potential client and revenues and have advice tailored to the situation. If we have another kid we will def come earlier for support if we need. Thank you. - 02/05/2021


Highly recommend! Night Nannies has been a massive help for my husband and I during these early weeks with our baby son. The night nannies they have recommended have been highly capable and fantastic to work with. We would highly recommend using their service! - 05/04/2021

Christine C

Lauren came to stay with us a week… Lauren came to stay with us a week after our first baby was born and made such a difference in helping us settle in and understand how to look after our little one. Lauren is not only a safe pair of hands who we can trust with our baby all night, she is an expert in all things baby-related so is a fountain of knowledge and taught us invaluable lessons for the first two months that will stand to us for many more to come. Lauren was accommodating for when I wanted to breastfeed all night or when I needed a break for some extra sleep. She was also able to stretch our baby’s sleep for longer periods which helped a lot when she wasn’t with us. Lauren was generous with sharing her wisdom but never imposing or condescending. I would highly recommend Lauren to any new parents. - 28/03/2021


Claire is a fantastic nanny and has… Claire is a fantastic nanny and has been such a lifeline especially during Covid lockdown. She made us feel at ease straight away and really cares about our little boy. It’s a pleasure having her here each week as she is such a lovely, kind person and has been a great sounding board on all things baby related. She’s great with our baby and has really helped improve his sleep. - 25/03/2021


Thank you Night Nannies Our nannies (Jennie and Laura) have been very helpful, giving us the much needed sleep at night time. We knew straight away that our babies are in safe hands. Also we could ask them for advice on the general well-being of the babies, which has been very reassuring. Our agents, Katie and Sally are very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend Night Nannies. - 25/03/2021

Liz Mason

We found our nanny through Jennie at our local branch of Night Nannies. Jennie listened to our needs and was exceptionally helpful- quickly and carefully matching us with the wonderful Sarah.Sarah was everything we needed and more. She was very calm and from the moment she came into our home we felt at ease.Our daughter (aged 2) loved her and enjoyed every second in her company. She always kept her entertained with a range of tasks that were suited to her likes and needs.Sarah was excellent in all ways, and kept us updated during her time with our daughter with messages and our minds were always put at rest.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. - 27/02/2021

Arabella McCullagh

Our nanny came to us shortly after our daughter was born. She was warm, funny and caring and immediately felt like part of the family. My 2 year old son adored her and she made a real effort to include him in everything. She loves babies and is extremely knowledgeable - we felt our daughter couldn’t have been in safer hands. She taught us many things about how to look after the baby and it was amazing to get some extra sleep in those first nights. I feel very lucky to have had her to help us and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I was also really impressed with Night Nannies who sent through a selection of candidates almost immediately, all of whom looked of a high standard. - 24/02/2021


Highly, highly recommended We have been extremely lucky with the quality of the night nanny we were matched with. Druscilla has been nothing but incredibly professional, flexible, hardworking and above all, supportive to every member of the family. Night Nannies was responsive to our needs and always available for every query. - 15/02/2021


Night Nannies SE London Chloe was a fantastic night nanny and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. She worked wonders with our 4 month old daughter who had been having trouble sleeping, and gave us lots of practical advice. We couldn't have been happier with her. - 11/02/2021

Ali Hassen

Amazing agency!Amazing agency and so friendly. Julie catered for our bespoke needs in uncertain covid times. Our needs and plans changed on a month by month basis, and the flexibility and customer-focus attitude of Night Nannies enabled us to get all the support that we needed.The candidate nannies all had outstanding records and experience and the night nannies we selected were outstanding.We highly recommend Night Nannies to any families considering the extra support. - 10/02/2021

Soraya Haq

Best money I have ever spent Best money I have ever spent. Great service and also fantastic night nanny who helped with our newborn. I would definitely recommend to any parent who values their sleep! - 08/02/2021