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My journey of 20 years in Childcare and a passion for all things baby has taught me that making a positive difference to a parent’s world is my true calling! I have spent the past 10 years as a Night Nanny and Sleep Trainer which continues to be both schooling and gratifying beyond words.

My passion for helping parents get the right support to suit their individual family needs shines through in all that I do. It’s not a career that drives me but the ability to make a difference and ease the pressure, stress and hurdles of early parenting without compromising their wants, needs and lifestyle.

With such a significant number of parents struggling with sleep deprivation, I pride myself on the core value of ‘A Happy Mum = A Happy Baby’. Providing the very best service whether you need a Night Nanny, Maternity Nurse, or Sleep Trainer is the driving factor behind me and Night Nannies.

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Single Baby

From £150

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £22 per night


From £190

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £22 per night


From £210

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £22 per night

Sleep Trainers

From £200

Per Night (9pm - 7am)Agency fee £22 per night


From £80

Agency fee £75

Maternity Nursing

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