Welcome to Night Nannies
The UK’s Leading Overnight Maternity Specialists

Since 1999 Night Nannies has given over 5000 parents throughout the South of England a good night’s rest and expert solutions to sleep, feeding and routine problems.  We are now exporting our services internationally.

Our highly experienced Night Nannies will help you with all aspects of care:
• Guiding your newborn baby into a good sleeping and feeding routine.
• Teaching your older baby (over 6 months) to sleep through the night.
• Breastfeeding Counselling.
• Post- Natal Depression Care.
• Pre and Post-Natal visits to your home.

We also offer Maternity Nurses in the UK and abroad who will be with you 24 hours a day, usually 5 or 6 days a week providing invaluable support, help and advice – particularly useful if you’re a first-time mother.

So whether you are simply looking for a good night’s sleep or you need some new ideas to encourage your baby to sleep through the night, simply select your local region from the drop down menu and call us.

+44 (0) 20 7731 6168  Head Office.  info@nightnannies.com  Please look at “Contact” for your local telephone number.

“Our Night Nanny was phenomenal. After just 3 nights our 6 month old finally slept through. We had tears in our eyes when she left. She is a total treasure – we feel very privileged to have had her work for us.”

“Her knowledge of newborns and beyond is extraordinary. I found her bed side manner so appealing and non threatening, I would hire her again without a second thought.”

“I would recommend our Night Nanny to anyone. I think she was outstanding and absolutely amazing. She kept herself to herself when needed and when I was doing things right she let me get on with it but was always there to support me.”

“She makes you feel so relaxed and she just gets on with things in a very natural way. She is such a workaholic, and such a nice personality. We have remained friends and I would recommend her to anyone.”

"She was absolutely fantastic. To be honest I think she could get a roaring lion off to sleep with her lovely gentle, calm manner.”

"She is truly the Rolls Royce of Nannies. Her knowledge about baby development and safety is amazing. Everything she does is with such a gentle and loving care. She gives 150% all of the time."

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