The UK’s Leading Night Nannies & Maternity Specialists

Since 1999 Night Nannies has given over 10,000 parents throughout the South of England a good night’s rest and expert solutions to sleep, feeding and routine problems. Our purpose is to build good sleep habits to last a lifetime.


Our Nannies

Our highly experienced and qualified Night Nannies will help you with all aspects of care:

  • Guiding your newborn baby into a good sleeping and feeding routine.
  • Teaching your older baby (over 6 months) to sleep through the night.
  • Breastfeeding Counselling.
  • Postnatal Depression Care.
  • Pre and Postnatal visits to your home.

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Sleeping Through the Night

Many people assume if your baby is up all day, he will sleep all night – this is not always the case. The baby is usually so over tired and over stimulated, that they have difficulty settling at night. A baby with structured and regular sleeps in the day is more content and therefore tends to sleep better at night.

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Curious about what a Night Nanny does? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions you may have about our services.


Across the South of England

So whether you are simply looking for a good night’s sleep or you need some new ideas to encourage your baby to sleep through the night, simply choose from your local region or call Head Office. Night Nannies cost from £110 per night, agency fees will vary according to the region where you live. See below.

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