Night Nannies Corporate Services

What is Night Nannies?

Night Nannies was founded 16 years ago and has grown to become the leading provider of overnight and 24 hour maternity care in the UK. We also provide trouble shooting and sleep training for older babies. There are over 600 Night Nannies working around London each night and six franchisees operating throughout the South of England.

What makes us different?

Many maternity agencies provide full time care for newborns, but Night Nannies delivers a flexible service, allowing parents to book as many nights a week as they need with the same nanny for as long as they need. For many clients this provides an affordable solution for those tiring and stressful early months of parenting.

Our corporate offer

We will give all your staff 20% off our registration fee of £150 plus VAT – this lasts up to 6 months. Currently BNY Mellon Bank and ANZ and Burberry have taken up this offer for all key staff.

We will not charge any registration fee if the bank pays for key staff to have a few nights a week for 4 weeks or more when they return to work.

Commonly, corporate partners offer their staff access to a Night Nanny for 3 or 4 nights a week for the first one or two months after the baby returns home. We find this provides the parents with a chance to get rest and sleep, allows babies to adopt better sleep patterns and allows parents to return to work refreshed.

Corporate partners are not charged the usual £150 plus VAT registration fee per client if they are paying for the Night Nanny for key staff. Night Nannies cost £132 per night from 9pm until 7am. (It is £110 to the Nanny paid direct and £22 incl VAT to the agency for each night she works which we take direct from the client.)

Currently BNY Mellon are considering offering their staff 3 free nights with a Night Nanny paid for by the company as part of their new maternity package next year.

Who are the Night Nannies?

We have recruited many of our team from hospitals who include neonatal nurses, paediatric nurses and maternity staff. Every Night Nanny has to have at least 10 newborn references before they are seen. Then they are put through rigorous childcare tests and interviews. Many have worked continuously for us for over 15 years, their track record with our clients is first class. We are always monitoring their performance and provide free workshops for the nannies on first aid, breast feeding, post natal depression, reflux and colic.


For more information call Anastasia at Night Nannies tel 020 7731 6168 or