How To Create A Bedtime Routine

Best Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

Creating a Simple Bedtime Routine

Babies respond well to routines, so create and follow a simple and consistent bedtime routine from day one. This routine signals to your baby that sleep is approaching and acts as a sleep cue.  

Try the following:

A short warm bath

Then a light baby massage

Try a few minutes of a simple book – they won’t understand, but the voice is calming

A last feed. Try and encourage them to feed as much as they can

Then a quick final cuddle and into cot

A calm sleep environment

Turn the TV off or any music and make sure this is nothing too stimulating in their cot.

  • Make sure your baby’s room is as darkened – you could have a soft night light. Invest in some black-out blinds, these are useful for keeping early morning rays out.
  • Use a swaddle or a baby sleep sack, this helps create a cosy warm space for your baby.

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