How To Swaddle

How To Swaddle A Baby [A Simple Step By Step Guide]

Swaddling can comfort a baby by tricking them into believing they are still in the womb.  In the first few weeks of life it may soothe them and solve some of the problems that feeding and rocking won’t. 

Here’s how to swaddle – you can click on the video above for more information.

Swaddle with a thin, breathable fabric and monitor temperature if the baby is in a swaddle for a long time.

Step 1

Place the breathable fabric on a bed or changing table with one corner folded down about 6 inches.

Step 2

Place baby on the fabric diagonally, head above the folded corner.

Step 3

Take the right corner near the baby’s left arm and pull it over the arm and across the baby’s body.  Lift the right arm and tuck the fabric corner under the baby’s back on the right side.

Step 4

Lift the bottom corner and bring it up over the baby’s body, tucking it into the first swathe.

Step 5

Lift the last corner and bring it over the baby’s right arm and tuck it in under the back on the left side.

If your baby seems to prefer more hand mobility, wrap below the arms, leaving the arms free. This is called a half swaddle. 

Take care the bottom half doesn’t restrict your baby from bringing their legs up if they want.

Do not swaddle the baby if they have gas or constipation.

Because swaddling is confining and can interfere with development in older babies, do not swaddle once your baby is over one month old.

3 easy swaddling wraps are:

Tommee Tippee

The Original Grobag

The Newborn Swaddle Wrap

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