Nanny Profile: Anne

Anne has a wealth of experience gained over many years working as a maternity nurse. Anne is very warm and friendly, not at all overbearing. She wanted to work in Hampshire and, over the last decade, has developed a close-knit fan club.


“I was somewhat fraught and exhausted with my new responsibilities and Anne has helped me to become a more confident and capable new mum. I now have a baby sleeping through the night at 11 weeks old.”

“I had total confidence in her which enabled me to have the luxury of a full night’s sleep! Her charming and loving nature meant that I had absolutely no need to question whether or not our daughter would be in good hands.”

“Anne has endless energy and never seems to stop working. She has been such an invaluable help – not just in terms of establishing a good routine, but also keeping his bedroom neat & tidy – his drawers are all beautifully arranged, all the muslins are ironed and folded in the bottom drawer.”