Nanny Profile: Arti

Arti has been working as a Night Nanny for the past 11 years. She is one of our chief sleep trainers. She specialises in guiding babies over 6 months, who are on solids, to sleep through the night.


“Our baby got into some seriously bad habits and she is a stubborn baby, but we have made huge progress with Arti’s help and now it’s up to us to keep up Arti’s good work. We’ve been very pleased, and we loved Arti. I happily recommend her without any question.”

“She is fantastic, we’re completely in love with her. She’s sorted them out totally- it was a tough first night- no dummy or night feed. She was so right for us and it’s amazing what she’s achieved, and so quickly.”

“Arti was amazing, she is a miracle worker and we couldn’t be happier. In 2 nights she was on the right path- our child is so much happier now she’s eating better and I’m wishing we’d done this sooner now. It’s made such a difference to us all.”