Nanny Profile: Lubina

Lubina has been with us since 1999. She works as both a Super Nanny and Sleep Trainer for older babies and she works as a Maternity Nurse when caring for young babies. Lubina has attended all our courses on First Aid, Post Natal Depression, Breastfeeding and Reflux. She has such a phenomenal track record.


“Lubina has been fantastic. She is lovely to have around. I found that she was very supportive to me and understanding. She really really cares. She was absolutely perfect. It was a shame that she couldn’t live with us full time!”

“I just wanted to say that we thought Lubina was absolutely amazing. She was wonderfully calming with the boys and helped us get into a routine that kept the boys happy and relaxed and sleeping through the night very quickly.”

“Lubina is absolutely amazing. She understands that every baby is different and she is so professional and brilliant and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is so skilled and accommodating and any mother who has a chance to have her is very lucky!”